Getting Desktop Pictures

There are many places to get desktop pictures. Below is a small selection of such sites.

A cursory check of the sites has been done, to ensure that they are mostly work-safe and free of obnoxious ads.

Last check : July 2017.

Dedicated wallpaper sites

Link pages

These are sites that link to content rather than hosting the images themselves.

Other image sites

Here are some examples of other types of sites, that can be used to get desktop pictures.

Tips on finding and downloading images

There are a two categories of browser extensions that can be useful for finding and downloading images:

These can be used to find “better” i.e. larger or less compressed versions of an image. They can also help you track down the original artist so that you can get more of their art work.

Batch Download Extensions

Use these to avoid having to download one image at a time. These extensions usually work best for gallery like pages i.e. pages with image previews that contain direct links to the full images.