Glimmir is pronounced as Glimm-ir, i.e. like glimmer but using an i instead of an e. The second i is pronounced the same way as the first one.

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About Me

I'm Håkan Stenholm a long time Swedish Mac user, having started out with System 6 (classic Mac OS) back in 1990. is my personal site that I use for my own public app releases.

My professional programming career (1998 and onwards) has mainly been spent programming Erlang on Unix/Linux based systems. This includes writing software for telecom switches at Ericsson and invoicing software at Klarna. Both of these systems put very high demands on reliability (uptime and availability).

I've worked on both the backend and the (web based) front-ends of the these systems.

The later of the two also gave me lots of experience, dealing with pdf file generation (used for print) and how to manage translations for software and print documents.

I have had a long–time interest in user centered subjects like typography, graphical design, visual presentation and interaction design. All with the aim of making software and websites usable, even when a person may be stressed or have less then perfect eyesight or motor-control.

Since late 2010, I've switched to doing mostly macOS app development.